Being Thankful

Despite some extremely depressing experiences in the last few months, I am feeling better. I discovered several years ago that consciously thinking of something for which I am thankful significantly improves my outlook on life. Now that school is finished for the school year, I no longer have the constant reminder that I won’t be going back in the fall. To further counteract the loss of one job, there are several teaching positions now advertised in the area, one of which would be an exceptionally good placement.

Here’s an odd circumstance for which I am thankful… I have my first ever root canal tomorrow. I am not thankful for the procedure, of course, but this particular tooth has been sensitive for years. The benefit of a root canal is that the nerve is physically removed from the tooth. I suspect that the sensitivity has frequently been the source of headaches: it would be fantastic if even a few headaches a month could be eliminated!

Today I purchased plane tickets to Maine for myself and the boys. I am so glad and excited to finally be going home for a visit! I haven’t been to Maine for two years, which also means I haven’t seen any of my grandparents for two years. I miss them, as well as my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I can’t wait to see and smell the ocean again, to wander the fields at the farm and lie in the buttercups. I’m excited to look for shorebirds, and hopefully get some good nature shots.

Most of all, I am thankful for my family and friends, both near and far. A couple of them live in the house with me, and one is just over 5000 miles away. I love them all, whether I talk to them every day or only a couple of times a year. Being single and sometimes lonely, I occasionally forget what an incredible support network I have. For those of you who read my blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Recently I have been thankful for discovering the poetry of Mary Oliver and how deeply it resonates with me. Many times I read one of her poems and wonder, “Who is this woman, and how did she get inside my head?!” She puts into words the wonder I feel and the beauty I appreciate in nature: I wish that I could write so eloquently. To that end, I will share another of her poems:


This morning

the beautiful white heron

was floating along above the water

and then into the sky of this

the one world

we all belong to

where everything

sooner or later

is a part of everything else

which thought made me feel

for a little while

quite beautiful myself.

                                   ~ Mary Oliver, from A Thousand Mornings

Peace ~



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