Days of Sadness

I officially said goodbye to most of my sophomores on Tuesday, but we have had finals since then. Many students have stopped in to say hi, and I know a couple are coming to school early to hang out with me before school. It is turning out to be even harder to say goodbye than I had thought it would be.

Since my divorce, I hadn’t cried more than a few times – until my life started to fall apart again this spring. I have cried every day for the last couple of days. In fact, I have lost a couple of contacts because of it…fortunately they’re daily wear. This afternoon, a couple of my girls brought me flowers and some framed photos of them with me. Saying goodbye has given me a new perspective on the reasons that a teacher may stay in the same district for many years. Once you start watching your kids mature, you don’t want to miss a class. I got attached to most of the kids, whether they are good students or not.

Tomorrow is the last day of finals, which means the last day with students. I have a teacher work day on Monday, but will use that time to pack up my classroom and move out. I sincerely hope that I will find another place that I love; if not right away, then within a few years. I’m afraid I’m going to burn out if I have to do this again. There’s been enough heartbreak in my life already. Something good has to happen sooner or later, right?


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