How I know I’m addicted to cycling/bikes

  • When I do laundry, most of it is biking clothes
  • If I’m not riding, I’m thinking of/planning/obsessing about my next ride
  • I take better care of my bike than I do of my car (disclaimer: my bike is also worth more than my car is. Not a super-expensive bike, an old car)
  • My bike lives in my bedroom, where nobody else can touch it
  • I regularly check out other people’s bikes, whether they are being ridden or parked or on cars
  • I have marks on my carpet from setting down a spinning wheel to stop it
  • I regularly have bike grease/lube on my hands
  • When I see others cycling, I think, “I wish I was doing that…”
  • I’m thinking about my next bike even though I know I won’t be able to get one for a long time.

But, the clincher was when I discovered that

  • I have bike grease on my nightshirt…

4 thoughts on “How I know I’m addicted to cycling/bikes

  1. Hey, Heidi! I’ve never had bike grease on my pj’s, but I, too, experience signs that this cycling thing just might be an addiction. Is it okay if I copycat this post with my own symptoms and link back to your original?

    • Hey, Alicia! Of course I don’t mind, in fact I’m flattered that you like the idea! You never have to ask to borrow ideas from me – we’re alike enough that you would have had the idea at some point anyway 🙂

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