The Trek 100

The Trek 100 ride last year was the first organized group ride I had ever done, and with it began a love of moderate distance riding. I’m not talking very long distance, but fifty-plus miles is definitely doable now. Last year was my first year really getting into cycling as a sport (I had ridden a lot as a teenager, but not much in the 20 years since), so nearly any distance was long at the beginning.

This year, Andy came out and joined me for the ride. Having him here made a great ride even more awesome. He is a very experienced rider, and is capable of a much greater speed and distance than I am, so we didn’t stay together while riding.  He met up with a friend of his who works at Trek, and who is a more compatible riding partner. I happened to meet a couple of gals who were like-minded, and we did most of the ride together. Andy did the entire 65 miles in about four hours, including stops. I was closer to six… I could blame it on a mild asthma flare-up (which really did slow me down), but the reality is that I am not a particularly fast rider. I had fun with my two new riding buddies, and we got pretty goofy toward the end (I seem to have a tendency to do this on long rides).

At the end of the ride, I discovered Suzanne was waiting to cheer me in! Or she would have, if I hadn’t ridden right past the end :-/  I skipped the “finish” line and headed to the food. Suzanne is the riding buddy I met last year, and we ride together fairly regularly. It was our “anniversary” of the time we met last year:

Suzanne looks just fine, but I’m just lovely in my sweaty glory. I did get a couple of compliments on my Team Fatty kit, which was cool.

The day after the ride, Andy and I visited a couple of chocolate shops in Cedarburg, and sat in the sun enjoying a chocolate-dipped caramel apple together. There are no words to describe the sense of contentment I felt sitting there enjoying Andy’s company, chocolate, and perfect weather. A wonderful finale to a terrific weekend.


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