The Masher

I got my Masher jersey last week, and had the perfect opportunity to try it this past weekend. It is awesome, as expected! I went on a nice ride with some friends, and the weather was absolutely perfect for bike shorts and jersey. The jersey is hot pink and black. Hot pink isn’t usually one of my favorite colors, but I love it on this jersey. I can’t wait for my ride “with” Alicia to really show it off!

We were meeting at a parking lot near the end of the interurban trail that runs for about 40 miles from end to end. We were just riding up to Cedarburg, a very cute little town about six or eight miles up the trail. On Sunday morning, I decided that I was going to ride down the trail to meet them: I live a few miles from an intersection with the trail. I was about twelve miles from the end where we were meeting, so I knew I would have time to ride down to meet them, and I would also have the bonus of a longer ride.

In typical Heidi fashion, I got a later start than I intended, so I had to ride fairly fast to get there in time. Made it in time, but my face was bright pink, as always. Amongst the wonderful things about being fair skinned (sunburn easily, sensitive to everything, etc.), my least favorite is turning bright red/pink whenever I exercise or exert myself at all. I feel fine, I just turn red when my heart rate gets above about 120 bpm. It’s great… I love having people asking me over and over, ‘Are you okay? Your face is really red.’ It’s nice that people are concerned, but honestly it’s a bit embarrassing.

We had a lovely ride up to Cedarburg, and when everyone else discovered what a short ride it was, we continued up the trail for awhile. I ended up doing about 30 or so miles, which felt so good after being cooped up inside lately! Suzanne and I were a bit goofy, and “raced” each other a few times. The trail is mostly flat, so we hit some pretty good speeds. I don’t know exactly how fast we were going, because my bike computer needs a new battery. Add that to the list of things to do – it never ends. Who really cares how fast we were going… we had a great time regardless!


2 thoughts on “The Masher

  1. Let’s get our ride on the books. Can’t wait to ride and post together, sort of like a weird Doublemint twins kind of experiment. 🙂

    • Definitely! I have some coursework and my final student teaching class on Wednesday, and then I am freeeeeee! I’ll have a post in the next day or so about the ride I did this weekend, and I’m definitely ready to start riding much more!

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