13 days

…and counting. Thirteen teacher days, that is. One of those days is a teacher inservice day, and one is a final make-up day/ teacher work day. I’m not counting the last teacher work day, because I plan on being done with my grading before then, even if I have to stay up until midnight every night!! After subtracting finals and the inservice day, we have eight days of instruction left. I have five of the ten anatomy systems left to teach in that time: respiratory, circulatory, excretory, nervous, and reproductive systems. One system a day for ten days makes for a very busy end-of-year experience. Combine the busy schedule with the already problematic behavior issues, and I end up with way too many referrals to the office. There are definitely days in which I wonder what on earth I was thinking when I decided to go back into teaching. There are also days when I know that teaching is absolutely the right profession for me: those are the days I have to remember!

I was teaching about the endocrine system today, in one of my team-taught classes. Usually I don’t take over the teaching entirely in this particular class, but my lead teacher was out for the day, so I taught the whole class. When describing one of the glands, I mentioned that it shrinks as you age, and the risk of illness increases. One of the boys, who is outspoken (to say the least), asked, “So are you sick a lot?” I laughed, and one of the other boys immediately said, “What are you talking about? Ms. Roesselet isn’t more than 25!” Nice try… I love it when they suck up, even though I don’t have any control over their grades. The one who asked if I am sick a lot is also the boy who was very concerned when I wasn’t in the room at the beginning of class the day before, and who cheered when I entered the classroom. Go figure. I didn’t do anything to encourage him, but he seems to have formed some sort of attachment to me. He’s often obnoxious, but I’ll miss him, too.


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