I have a bluebird house in my backyard, but have only had bluebirds nesting in it a few times. We waged a war with house sparrows a few years ago, and the house stayed open all summer just to keep the sparrows away. I had bluebirds nest in the house two years ago, but not last year. I saw them near the house this spring, but wasn’t home enough to see them regularly coming in and out of the house. I opened the birdhouse to make sure the sparrows hadn’t built in the house, and had a very pleasant surprise! This is what I saw:

Bluebird eggs, 2011

I knew these were bluebirds because the nest is very neat (sparrows are slobs), and the color of the eggs (sparrows’ are tan or off-white). In my experience, they normally lay only four eggs, so five eggs really fill the nest. Of course, they don’t all necessarily make it, but I took a quick peek today, and four of them have hatched:

Bluebird babies 2011

You can still see the fifth egg behind a couple of the babies, so it will probably hatch tomorrow. The babies are fairly hideous, but I love their little downy heads and the quiet cheeping when I get near the box. They will grow quickly, and will probably fledge in just a few weeks. In previous years, the parents and young have stayed in the neighborhood for the remainder of the summer. I love their sweet chirrup to each other, both when the male is courting the female, and when the adults are “talking” to the babies. More photos to come as they grow!


One thought on “Bluebirds!

  1. Those eggs are beautiful and those chicks are pretty cute. I might have to take bluebirds off my “I Hate Birds” list.

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