Musings on biology and bicycling

I spent so much time talking about biology teaching and biking on my blog with Amy that I decided it was a good idea to write a separate blog. Teaching, while it may be a rather nerdy profession, is not really a dorky activity. I’ll save posts for 2awesomedorkswithablog for really dorky things, and things that Amy and I do together.

My latest bike escapade/adventure is still in the planning phase. Alicia at Pedals and Pencils and I have formed a cyber-friendship, and have decided on an adventure “together.” I say “together” because she lives in California, and I live in Wisconsin, and neither of us is planning a big trip. In a recent blog post, Alicia wrote about looking at pretty bike jerseys, so I of course had to go see which ones she was considering. It turns out that she was talking about a jersey that I have been tempted to buy for months. We had a conversation in her comments, and decided that it would be cool to ride “together,” in our new matchy-matchy jerseys, and each write about our rides on our blogs. The jerseys are in the mail, and I can’t wait to get mine!! I don’t usually like hot pink, but this one is so sassy that I love it!

Other than planning bike adventures, I am so busy with teaching duties and my own two kids that I nearly drop from exhaustion every night. My student teaching has been a very good experience, although incredibly frustrating at times. I have one student who has been sent to the office four times in the last two weeks for disrespect/disturbing the class/not doing what he is told (he hates the class, but refuses to go to the office until I call them to tell them he’s on his way). The child is a thorn in my side, to say the least, and it has become a game for him and a couple of others. They stand no chance of passing without a great deal of work, and they aren’t willing to put in the work, so they purposely disrupt the class. I know it isn’t just me – they are failing all of their classes. When I told the assistant principals about the combination of students in that class, they both just groaned. I owe the office staff the biggest bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates I can possibly find! I do not know how they deal with those students every day in the office! Only 18 days left, and then I’ll miss the students. Most of them, anyway…


5 thoughts on “Musings on biology and bicycling

  1. Ooh, I like the new digs. And I like that your ‘biology and bicycling’ has a similar ring as ‘pedals and pencils’. I can’t wait for our jerseys to arrive. I can’t believe you don’t like hot pink. Actually I don’t really either, but for some reason I love it on cycling clothes. I like the visibility it gives without being hideous neon yellow. Maybe The Masher will win you over to hot pink. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! The photo in the header is one that I took during an annual pro race in the town where I live. Lots of spandex-clad guys moving about 38 mph is a pretty impressive sight! As far as hot pink goes, it’s actually the same for me – it’s great on cycling clothes, but no more than an accent on anything I would normally wear. The visibility is good, and that neon yellow is both hideous beyond belief and also makes me look like I’m about to toss my cookies. I have loved The Masher since I first saw it, for whatever gut reaction! It’s been shipped, so I should have it early next week. Can’t wait!

  2. The Masher arrived Friday!!! I was going to take her out for a test ride today, but it’s raining. Again. Sigh. The jersey is even better in person. Can’t wait for our ride!

    • Can’t wait to get mine, and our accompanying ride! The weather has been pretty horrible here lately, too. It rained all day yesterday, and is so windy today that you nearly get blown over when you step outside. Hope we both have better riding weather this week!

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